At A Women’s Center is one of the few South Bay-area physician offices to offer complete in-house ultrasound.

This means our patients can enjoy ultrasound right here in the convenience of our South Bay facility. Dr. Graven and Dr. Kilkenny have extensive ultrasound training and have beenperforming obstetric ultrasound and 3-D ultrasound since 1990.

Our comprehensive obstetric services – all delivered onsite from our Campbell, CA office – include prenatal care and testing, specialized care for high-risk pregnancies and birth control options.

For delivery and postpartum care, our patients may choose between two excellent hospitals for their deliveries as we have privileges at Good Samaritan Hospital and El Camino Hospital – Los Gatos.


Drs. Graven and Kilkenny's primary Cesarean section rates have ranged between 12% to 15% in the past 20 years, much lower than the national averages. Drs. Kilkenny and Graven deliver more than 98% of their own patients. Both Dr. Graven and Dr. Kilkenny have been chairman of hospital's ob/gyn department and have served on hospital quality assurance committees.

Care for High-Risk Pregnancy

Your pregnancy is generally considered high-risk if you or your baby has any increased chances of a health problem. Though “high-risk” may sound scary, it’s really insurance to make sure you receive some extra-special attention. Dr. Nadine Graven and Dr. Mary Kilkenny always watch their patients closely to identify problems early, as they are both highly trained practitioners in the area of high-risk pregnancy. 

What to Expect for the Next Nine Months

If you want to know when you will have certain tests or ultrasounds, please use the guide on the following page: